How you can support and help PeaceBugle

If you are interested in helping PeaceBugle succeed, there are several things that you can do:

To make PeaceBugle work it will need to be financed. We believe this project will be significant in the support of Peace and that it is important and responsive to the problem of war and civil conflict that is world-wide and increasing. Seed funding for 2016 and 2017 work to date has been raised from Newcastle Quaker Meeting via the Grigor McClelland bequest, SeedBed, private donations and with significant resources from ARTS UK and Steve Chettle. Major funding is now needed to complete the project.

If you can, please make a donation to the project. Without funding PeaceBugle will simply not be able to progress and all its potential will be lost. Please encourage others to give. The more people who are involved, the stronger the support base for PeaceBugle.

PeaceBugle is aiming for an initial target of £100,000 to enable the music to be commissioned, the bugle made, filming to take place and the audio-visual installation to be created and exhibited with its own education and outreach programme in support. Monies over the initial target will be used to maintain and develop the main project and its new strands.

More detail on this is contained in the update section

Manufacturing the brass sheet for the bugle involves expensive industrial processes of a foundry and rolling mill, plus making the bugle with its case and commissioning FirstPeace. The eight flat screens for the installation are almost £20,000 plus the cost of HD video camera, sound equipment, editing time, digital kit to simultaneously play the films, travel to the sites for filming and the project organisation, development and administration. The initial capital expenditure becomes a long-term investment for the project which will involve thousands of people in the UK and worldwide and have a dynamic contribution to the cause of peace.

Please make this project part of your life. We will apply for funding from organisations such as Trusts, Foundations and public funders and it will be important to do so but that process takes a longer time. People like you, giving now, will have an immediate effect. Your money will not only support staff-time for the development of the project, including on-going fund-raising, but also the FirstPeace commission, the creation of PeaceBugle, the audio-visual installation and its subsequent exhibition and tour, the education and outreach programme and additional work as shown in the update section.

Show this document to friends, family and colleagues who you feel might be interested. Encourage them to become supporters. A PDF that you can email is also available as a download on the website If you want extra bound copies please contact us and we will post them out to you.

If you belong to a group or organisation that has peace as one of its beliefs, are involved in peace related activity or wish to support this peace project, present this document and encourage active support for PeaceBugle.

Organise a fund-raising event and use it to raise money and the profile of
PeaceBugle. Alternatively, offer to be involved in one.

Please make cheques out to ARTS UK and send to the address on the Contact page.

Donations will remain private unless you indicate you wish to be mentioned.